Roeland Wessels, Theo Lam & Jolanda Jansen

Communication in Practice, the vet’s manual on clienthusiasm

This book helps you become a more well-rounded vet, nurse or assistant. A person who is excellent with animals, and even better with people. The result? Clienthusiasm! In addition to healthy animals, you have delighted clients, contented co-workers and a practice prepared for the challenges of the future. That is all part of the fun of being a veterinary professional!

"Come on! I became a vet to make sick animals better ... and communication is a crucial part of that!"

Theo Lam & Sarne De Vliegher

Udder Health Manual

Up to date the udder health manual is only available in Dutch.

Udder health is an important subject. Whether you are a farmer, a researcher, a veterinary practitioner or another advisor, udder health it is important for everybody and there really is something to gain. Almost all management factors in the dairy herd have an effect on udder health. The subject is comprehensive, which makes it difficult as well as challenging. And it is an important subject: mastitis can lead to serious problems with consequences for animal welfare, antibiotic use, milk quality and the income of the farmer.  If, on the other hand, udder health is good, everyone is happy: the cow, the farmer, the advisor and the consumer.

Happy customers, satisfied colleagues and a veterinary clinic ready for challenges in the future.

Roeland Wessels, Mark Huis in 't Veld & Danse Sonneveld

Cookbook for Clienthusiasm

30 recipes for the veterinary clinic 3.0

This cookbook helps you increase, improve and refine the customer enthusiasm for your veterinary clinic. Our collection of recipes help you work even more customer-oriented and to look more consciously at your own veterinary services.